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Looking to Acquire Private Companies 

We love Aerospace & Defense, Building Products, Consumer Products, Luxury Consumer Services, Marketing, Niche Construction Trades, Recruiting, and Software. 

Looking to acquire private company showcasing annual pre-tax net earnings between $2.5 million and $25 million Good pre-acquisition characteristics include a long-standing, diversified client base; a highly functional layer of non-owner management, quality brand identity, and niche expertise. Owners and management teams are encouraged to send a message 

Life Stage: 5 to 100+ years old

Discretionary Free Cash Flow: $2.5 million to $25+ million

Revenue & Profitability: Sales generally between $10 million and $250 million, with demonstrated or clear path to double-digit net operating margins

Location(s): Headquartered in North America

Industries: Industry agnostic, but prefers organizations not reliant on a commodity, or recent trends.

Ownership: Usually closely held by a family or small group of operating shareholders, but will consider sponsor-backed, take-privates, and corporate carveouts depending on situational context

Situation: Owners seeking a full or partial exit, or additional capital and expertise for growth



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