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["Where Do We Go From Here?"] Questions That Need Answers Before the Private Equity Spin-Out

The history of the private equity industry can be told as a series of spin-outs . Successful investment professionals typically begin their careers working for some one else but eventually quit to have a go at working for themselves, typically in partnership with like-minded co-workers.     The decision to fire your boss and launch your own fund can bring with it both opportunity and peril, as our five experts can attest. We asked these seen-it-all pros to give their best advice to private equity professionals contemplating defection.     From its beginning in the mid 1970s, the private equity market has been refreshed by a steady stream of innovative new products and talented new management teams that have brought energy and creative approaches to alternative investing.   That said, the private equity market today is crowded with existing products, and shelf space for new deals is limited by finite investor resources. In spite of the increased supply of funds, the future will almost