What can an M&A banker do for me?

Planning - Even before a transaction is contemplated, a banker can improve the likelihood of a successful M&A outcome by guiding a company's go forward strategy. Bankers knowledgeable about a client's industry can share insights on market trends and opportunities, and provide financial performance and valuation data on comparable businesses. Such information helps the client objectively assess its operations and adopt a development plan enabling it to prevail in the longer run. An M&A advisor also assists companies in determining when they are ready to go to market. For example after initial analysis, the right conclusion may be that a company is not presently best served pursuing a transaction, and may be better off focusing on organic growth in the near term. Reasons may include the company's financial profile or current market valuations. And if a company is deciding among several alternatives such as an acquisition, merger, spin-off or financing, a banker can weigh the options and perform the financial and strategic analysis necessary to support its recommended action.

Positioning - Once a company has initiated the M&A process, a banker helps the client present its business most favorably to prospective parties at various stages - from introduction through management presentations and due diligence. This increases the likelihood of finding a suitable partner and optimizing deal value. A banker familiar with other companies in the client's market will have color about what potential M&A partner may be thinking and can effectively speak to that company's interests and concerns. If the goal is to find a suitable acquirer, the M&A advisor typically drafts a memorandum describing the client's business, presenting information in a manner that is most compelling to its intended audience. #merger