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What To Do When Hiring A Quality and Affordable Writer

  Some of the best tips on hiring a writer are the most simple. Quality is priority so you shouldn't accept writing that doesn't covey your message, or content that's full or grammatical errors and less than stellar sentence structure. You get what you pay for so it's wise to look at outsourcing your writing projects as an investment rather than as an expense. Readers come first - what you write ought to be a reflection of their wants and needs. Content isn't just about writing; it's a conversation, a two way street. Knowing what to look for when hiring a freelance writer requires a careful look at the content marketing strategy across all channels, but particularly your website. Then get an understanding of the writer and how they operate. Sure you can go to large content mills or freelance platforms like Upwork, Problogger, and Scripted and find a writer, bur it makes more sense to build a rapport with a writer, or check out their content portfolio and website

Top 5 Projects You Should Outsource To a Ghostwriter - Khalil-Ghibran

  Should I hire a ghostwriter? Should I tackle the project myself? Do we have anyone in-house with the skills to see the project from start to finish? Quintessential questions like these nag marketing managers until analysis-by-paralysis kicks in - a condition where uncertainty stifles decision making. But like a student of Confucius, we're going to ask some questions to get the answers to those above. I know...sounds weird, right? Well, it worked for Confucius and he lived thousands of years ago. Is Time a Factor? Business time works a bit differently than regular time. Seconds add up quickly, and it seems like there's never enough time in the day. Back-log compounds after weeks of frenetic activity; next thing you know, deadlines have been missed. Finding the right ghostwriter means getting ahead of project lead time. The team can spend more time actually communicating with customers because a professional took the time to understand the brand's identity and is capable o