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Top 10 [FREE] Writing Courses on Youtube That Are Packed With Massive Value

This is a friendly reminder that the best things in life really are FREE, and that includes full spectrum writing courses on Youtube that teach you just about everything you will need to know about operating as a competent, reliable, and skilled copywriter. Sure, you could pay for courses and there's nothing wrong with that. But why not take advantage of a free opportunity? Here are Top 20 [FREE] Writing Courses on Youtube That Are Packed With Massive Value.

1. Simple Learning's Copywriting Course

In this course, writers will learn how to write write product descriptions, multiply sales, and how to influence your readers. Course contains very little fluff - only the most important principles are shared throughout the video. 

2. Simplilearn's Full Course Content Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

Every content writer and marketer wants that coveted #1 spot on Google. Heck, most want to get to the front page at the very least. This course is all about ranking high on Google and Youtube. This course also covers content strategies including the ins and outs of SEO. Remember, valuable content solves a problem.

3. Spark Innovation's Content Writing For Beginners

In this course, you'll learn how to optimize and leverage content based on the SEO and lead generation tactics. Also covers brand awareness and authority (in terms of content and domain). The difference between content and copy becomes more clear after viewing the video.

4. Azusa Pacific Writing Center's: What is Technical Writing?

Azusa provides an introductory course to Technical Writing, an immensely valuable form of writing particularly in business, more specifically, technology.

5. Digital Deepak's Epic Live Writing Workshop

In this truly EPIC writing workshop, Deepak spends 4+ hours showing writers how he writes nearly 5,000 words in a relatively short period of time. He shows his entire workflow from outline to article completion. Have a look.

6. Lori Ballen's SEO Content Writing Tutorial For Beginners

For those short on time, Lori Ballen has a 30 minute course that covers how bloggers can shape their content to rank high in search engines, particularly Google. This course is short, sweet, and gets right to the point. All are recommended to check this out.

7. Exposure Ninja's Copywriting Course

The legendary John Carlton spills the secrets of writing copy that sells. You'll learn the difference between good copy and bad copy; how to handle objections; and how to write copy for video. Plus, you will learn the copywriting sins, and how not to fall into the trap. 

8. Jessica Foster's How to Create a Winning Freelance Writing Portfolio

A writing portfolio is a supplemental resume for writers. Without something to show prospective clients, it can be difficult to land a client, or a job. Jessica Foster teaches you how to create a portfolio from scratch, and land high-paying clients. 

9. Justin Hibbard's Poetry: Foundation for Creative Writing Course

Justin covers several writing techniques centered around poetry and prose. The course is focused on how to be more deliberate and thematic when writing poetry, or pursuing other kinds of creative writing. You'll learn how to utilize the right and left brains simultaneously. 

10. Dark Knight Academy's How to Sell Content Writing Services on Fiverr Playlist (Hindi and Urdu)

This course is for native speakers of Hindu and Urdu. It goes over Fiverr website and content writer training. The playlist contains 27 videos.

As you can see, there is so much free writing content on Youtube, it borders on ridiculous. Watching these courses can act as springboard to writing certifications, more ad revenue, greater affiliate profits, and higher paying writing jobs. Be sure to leave a like and subscribe to the channels listed here if you find their content valuable.


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