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Love Writing Again

If you belong to the few who like to write – if you enjoy "the finest melody the words make," the rhythm and pace of phrases and sentences, the architectural possibilities of paragraphs – do not read this article.  It is intended for those who don’t have such warm feelings for writing.  For those who experience great anxiety and discouragement every time they have to put some words to paper.

We hate writing especially college or university written assignments for toil, anxiety they cause. We are tired of hearing severe words of ruthless criticism for being "unclear" or "vague" or "wordy” in our writings.  But still we can’t escape the necessity of writing, unless you choose to turn for help to a freelance writer.  Even for such people that seem “hopeless” from the first sight there is a possibility to become freelance writer. It sounds very disappointing that writing has become something intimidating and unpleasant.

I don’t think it deserves such a negative attitude.  Let’s have a look at the better side of writing and forget about chaotic thoughts, broken sentence structures and low marks for all our efforts. Before making a decision that a good freelance wanted writer will be a solution to your problems, consider a couple of facts.

You can trust me that writing will help you to grow and develop your potential. When you write you discover whether you really understand the problem, or think you do; and the very process of writing makes you think, and think much. Your first work may not be perfect but the pride of the accomplishment will make the services of freelance job writer unnecessary. When you read works of prominent writers, you think that writing comes to them spontaneously and they generate their masterpieces quickly and with no efforts at all.

In fact it is quite the opposite. Beneath the surface there is a hidden history of struggle, false starts and dead ends, incoherent and vague ideas laboriously worked into clear, lucid text. Not every person involved in freelance writing work thought that it would be the way to earn a living. Holding a freelance writing position one can generate ideas and create masterpieces, but writing requires will and burning desire not to quit a job right in the middle of the process when nothing seems to be right. Every writer is aware that freelance academic writing is not just a resource of income, but also a way to teach students and post-graduates a culture of writing by own samples.

Good writing, like any craft, is the result of training, practice, and persistence. That can be discouraging, but it should also encourage you: if you persist, if you work, if you try, you will become a better writer, a good writer, able to express your thoughts with elegance and clarity. Over the long term the best thing you can do to become a better writer is to read a lot and develop your own judgment and skill.

Read stories, newspaper and magazine articles, novels, poetry, email, online stuff, magazine ads, cornflakes boxes, movie reviews, and freelance writing samples, whatever. You'll discover lots of excellent writing and lots of revolting writing – and once you have a bit of a critical eye you can learn useful lessons from everything you come across.

Above all, just read, read, read. Learn to stop fussing about and just take pleasure in playing with words. Finally, write for yourself – write to reflect, write to learn, and write to become a wiser and better person.


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