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Write A Novel Out Of Your Dream

Everyone might have a dream, but what would you do when you get up in the morning? I'm sure almost everyone forgot about as soon as they washed their face in a bathroom. What's so important about your dream? The answer is easily made, because I'm sure that you sure had an great experience in your dream something like adventured in the deep jungle, chased by terrific monsters and anything else. And I know that not all of you could remembered all of your dreams. Yes, me too, but I have got some techniques to dig your dream out of your unconscious mind and it will give you a new nice idea for your new novel.

Writing a novel is really hard. It hard to find a new idea to write it in your book. So, I recommend to use your dreams. Why your dream is gonna work, because I believe that what inspired (or terrified) you can also inspired the others. But the difficult things is to remember your dream. Almost everyone forgot their dream right after they wake up. Someone can still remember what they had dream but not very exactly.

Let's me tell you something about the "dream" that some of you may don't know. When we sleep, our eyes will move very rapidly, this is called REM (Rapid Eyes Moving) period and when our eyes will not move, this is called no-REM period. Our body will change from REM to no-REM from time to time. I'm not sure about exact periods time but it's about one hour and a half. When we are in REM mode, we will begin to dream. This theory can explain why our dream is not continuous and change very differently in one night. The other things about the dream is beyond the scope of this article and you can find more detail on the net.

Now, how can i write out my dream? you may ask. The answer is simple, grab a pen (or pencil) and write. It may be sound ridiculous but to write something at the moment you wake up is difficult. You have to practice to write after you wake up. Here are some tips:

1. Find some pen (or pencil) and some paper or notebook and put it right after your body before you go to sleep.

2. When you wake up, try to write down anything you can remember as much as possible. For example, when you dream of a monster that had chased you in the forest. Try to write down the very detail of that monster, does it has a horn?, does it has a crawl?, what color is it?, what detail of the forest you were running? Try to write down the detail of anything you can remember as the detail will help you recognize the other part of your dream.

3. After you finished you daily cleansing (or anything) sit down and revision what you wrote.

4. Repeat the process.It will take a bit time to practice until you can remember all of your dreams. Don't give up !

Lastly, I want to say that don't underestimate your dream. Dream can be a warn from the future, can be a new innovative creation, can be a new technology. And I'm sure it can be a new bestseller novel, too!.

Enjoy writing


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