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What A New Writer Has To Know About Creating A Character

What is the soul of a story? Some people say the plot, some others say the characters. I say, it’s both.

But now, I’d like to talk about characters.

How do you create a character?

Here are some ways used by writers out there in creating the characters in their story:

• Go with the flow

Some writers begin with the first few lines. As long as they can get something interesting for the first line, the rest will follow. The character’s personality grows at the same time the writer builds the plot. It is not actually intentionally created. Some writers like this method because, for them, the process of writing is full of magic. It seems like it’s their hands and mind working together in their subconscious mind. This kind of method is normally used by professional or experienced writers

• Concept the details

Some other writers prefer to deeply know the characters. They must know the whole details about this ‘person.’ They make a list of all the details about the characters. The list contains name (full name and how you call them), age (time and date of birth), height, weight, skin, hair and eye color, hair style, parents’, spouse, children and siblings’ name, address, phone number, educational background, job, good and bad habits, favorite food, book, movie and music. For the previous type of writer mentioned above, this method might seem boring. It seems like all the excitement is gone with the list. But for those preferring this method, it is a good way to build the story, along with the plot.

• Use someone they know

Some other writers prefer to just use a figure they know. They use all basic information about the model, their life, their job, their personality, etc. This is the less creative way in constructing a character.

Try one of those three tips that you feel most comfortable with. Or, try all three then decide which suits you most.


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