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Bloggers Are A Lot Like Pigeons

So I'm sure many of you read the title and thought, "Where is he going to go with this one?"

Okay, I agree it sounds corny, but it is amazing how your mind frames things early on a cold, wet Midwest winter morning walking to the train station (remember, a perfect morning involves staying in my sweats, not leaving the house, working on the computer). Now granted, I do hope most of us are potty trained better, have a more permanent residence and a sharper mind when it comes to avoiding traffic, but stay with me and read on.

Both bloggers and pigeons are:

1. Vastly colorful and individual.
 The flock of pigeons that served as my inspiration reminded me of how unique each one was physically. At a glance they may appear similar when you see a flock together as a tapestry, yet, it is remarkable how distinct the markings are to each bird. Just like our blogs; each possesses personal font-image-layout-color preferences, variances and nuances specific to distinguish us.

2. Tend to bobble, hunt and peck.
 I don't know about you, but I feel I resemble a pigeon as I hunt and peck across the keyboard with my head bobbling most the day! It's crazy too how their always pecking at something they can see on the ground, or think they can see, and I can't see it! Do we do that?

3. Friendly and respectful.
 Pigeons and bloggers are a genuinely friendly, communal group. Even when pigeons are being fed they are respectful to one another as they go in for their share--unlike seagulls. Granted, every now and then, one in the group gets a little "randy" and starts climbing on the other, but we know the motivation behind that behavior. Overall, they get along tremendously.

4. Very vocal.
Ever notice how much cooing goes on-especially when they congregate? I am amazed everyday as I sit with my feed reader at the wealth of intellect and insight shared daily amongst us all! Maybe that's why pigeons huddle too, because they have so much to share with one another!

5. Free to travel.
 Well, bloggers can travel anywhere Wi-Fi to blog, but isn't that almost the same today as having wings? What a beautiful thing to no longer be bound to a brick and mortar model and be able to blog from the beach (its really funny here in Chicago along lakeshore beaches we have both pigeons and gulls out in the sand!).

6. Helpful.
Fellow worldwide bloggers I have been privileged to "meet" are some of the most amazing people I have ever had any fellowship with. Although most bloggers are willing to lend a hand with information or a project, if they have the time, don't forget that they might have to refuse or even not reply because of time constraints, heavy workloads, set principles, or a simple distaste with your lack of proper etiquette. You know what I am saying, don't get so consumed with your own needs that you behave or come across disrespectfully to your fellow bloggers. Even pigeons do get ruffled and fly away.
Let me know what you think!


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