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Top 10 Copywriting Tips

1. Be Emotionally Compelling
Your words must have power so people take action and buy. Don’t be dry, stuffy or boring. Rock their world. What you think is a little “over the top” is probably just right. Show them empathy, caring and concern that makes them feel connected and helps them quickly suspend their rational disbelief.

2. Learn to Write Great Headlines
This valuable skill is not to be taken lightly. You need to use numerous headlines in a sales letter. They need to grab your customer’s attention. Look at advertising headline in major magazines. Experts say a good headline can result in 8-10 times more sales than a so-so headline.

3. Use Magic Words not Tragic Words
Use words like “amazing, discover, breakthrough, free, happy, money, you, yes, incredible and others. Magic words positively pre-dispose people to your message. Don’t overuse but don’t underestimate how far a little hype can go. Also, use vocabulary at an eighth grade level or less.

4. Ask Questions
Questions draw readers in and make them get involved. The smart money is on asking only questions you know will get a “yes” answer. Get potential customers in the habit of saying “yes” so when you ask them to buy they are positively prone to say “yes” again.

5. Write to One Individual Reader
Address your copy to one person. “You” not “the public” or the mythical “they.” You’ll create a more personal relationship. People buy more from people they feel they have a relationship with.

6. Brevity the Soul of Wit?
Your copy must take reader through the natural buying steps of attention, interest, desire and action. So brief may not be best. Answer every question in your marketing message so they can naturally take action

7. Share Your Triumph over Tragedy Story
People are drawn in by stories of others who have triumphed over adversity. We tend to root for the underdog. Most entrepreneurs have a story of how their product or service helped them. Don’t hide that story from view. Take it out, dust it off and watch the magic that happens.

8. Build Urgency and Scarcity
We’re bombarded with thousands of marketing messages daily. Build a marketing message that includes a sense of urgency and scarcity so people have a reason to say “yes” now. Say “limited quantities” and offer an early bird special for early sign up. Give customers a reason to say “yes” now.

9. Use Strong Testimonials
You can say great things about you, but a satisfied customer can really brag. To get testimonials just ask. Testimonial should be 4-6 sentences in length and tell a quick story. Each testimonial should answer a different objection.

10. Offer a Powerful Guarantee that Reverses Risk
Many new entrepreneurs worry if they offer a guarantee people will rip them off. In fact you’ll gain far more business with a strong guarantee than you’ll lose from returns. Make your guarantee simple. Amazingly, the longer the guarantee time, the less likely a person will ask for money back.


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