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FREE To Remain After Time by Khalil-Ghibran Original Version





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St. John's Dystopia of good and evil
Add the words my dear people

A revelation and resurrection
Come after the return of perfection

What began when they molded mud
Ended upon the time of great flood

So now until it is finished
Paradise has turned to prison

Then one day comes rain and thunder
And the world once again asunder

What today has passed into sorrow
Has once again risen upon tomorrow

Again paradise lost and what remains?
Nothing but world, water and shame


A player enters a dark hall
Where inmates rot inside stalls
You can hear them pleading
As its almost time for feeding
They all drop to their knees
As the player readies the keys

He opens to "What Won't Take Me"

"What Won't take me,
Is going to make me,
Stronger than before,
This I know for sure

What Won't take me,
Will never break me,
Stronger than before,
This is my reward"



I write with a bitter tongue
For the frightful one

Comes at the dawn
To check on his pawns

To see what's written
Or what if it's fitting

On some occasions
Upon his persuasion

Among the dead's dreams
We do the dead's deeds


Candles light and books open
To a certain chapter we now focus

Once upon a dream
There is one thing

That destroys all
That decieves all

Makes wrong of right
What a deadly sight

That of death
That who never rests

Watch his moves
Or spell the doom


Which is more subtle and more lucid
Both the sublime and the inferior
Truly know that simple five eats not
What neighbors it naturally
Purified it and what renews
Keep dear and hold close
This then is burnt copper
Which is the leaven of gold
Cook the same with permanent water
Until the water be dried up
Continue until all is consumed
It becomes a most subtle rose


When I was a boy
She sat me beside her
And explained the art
Always in twisted terms
Tales of olive trees
That sprouted in days
Branches silver decked
Grass laden with gems
When the sun never sets
Or the tale of black crystals
Which grew above ground
In great big pastures
A nearby flowing spring
Full with crawling coral
Storms that never cease
Glorious green stone
A bottomless ocean



Lorenzo: My lady, I have seen and tasted your chaste
Althea: And that is, which you cannot have
Lorenzo: You share no fruits in vain, my love
Althea: I bear no truth in shame, my love
Lorenzo: For what shame is there to come?
Althea: The return for pleasures done
Lorenzo: My dear, you speak as if foreign
Althea: Though I speak in accordance
Lorenzo: Don't hold your tongue
Althea: I have just begun
Lorenzo: The look on your face is new
Althea: Only to the blind you fool
Lorenzo: Your speech has me spooked
Althea: You will do what I wish of you to do
Lorenzo: Is this your opinion?
Althea: Mine and of my minions
Lorenzo: Then betrayal I must bare
Althea: Your lust has become a snare
Lorenzo: Behold the trap of a shrewd
Althea: A trap first set in the nude


Lorenzo: My lady, I have seen and tasted your chaste
Althea: And that is, which you cannot have
Lorenzo: You share no fruits in vain, my love
Althea: I bear no truth in shame, my love
Lorenzo: For what shame is there to come?
Althea: The return for pleasures done
Lorenzo: My dear, you speak as if foreign
Althea: Though I speak in accordance
Lorenzo: Don't hold your tongue
Althea: I have just begun
Lorenzo: The look on your face is new
Althea: Only to the blind you fool
Lorenzo: Your speech has me spooked
Althea: You will do what I wish of you to do
Lorenzo: Do you conspire queen?
Althea: ?
Lorenzo: Then betrayal I must bare
Althea: Your lust has become a snare
Lorenzo: Behold the trap of a shrewd
Althea: A trap first set in the nude
Lorenzo: Must I do your bid?
Althea: If you would like to live
Lorenzo: And what lies before death?
Althea: The king will see his last breath
Lorenzo: What is your bid?
Althea: To see the king no longer live
Lorenzo: You are I'm just as foul as mad
Althea: What choice do you have?
Lorenzo: To vanish out of sight
Althea: They'll find you by night
Lorenzo: Fair well, this is my last lay
Althea: Dig your own grave, my love


Out of this salt grows
Into it they may be resolved
Agent and patient so it is true
Reduction must be made contrary

Then appears what resist reason
Set at liberty from its fetters
Released and carried aloft
A corrosive bitter pontic

Make the same operation
In the glorious salt there is certain
A vicious fiery penetrant
Hidden with the utmost envy

Until at least it exists
To unlock the obscure means
For the sake of some good men
For an ingenious artist


In the midst of the world
There is a door of light
Unlike any other door before
Only few will open
For so many cannot find
Yet it is open to all
And all may search
Above the sky
Below the ocean
Amongst the stars
And still it hides



A dreaming fool forever knows
Fading fast forever's woes

In sodium and precipitate
Inviolable inpenetrant

For to remain after time
Yield on fields for wine

Reserving altars and pulpits
For immortal dissolvents

Leave what surfaces pardoned
Ratify an earthly garden


The fixed living fire hides at the center of the world
Pulse of man is excited by the terrestrial vapor
Three principals of nature compose the stone
The greatest part is in whole volatile
Virtues are powerful in art as in medicine
Out of the salt of Saturn grows gold
Nature of redness lies in the belly of air
A tincture appears despite the fire
Sulphur is the principle portion of tincture
Father of it is the sun
Mother of it is the moon


Walking through paradise
Open roads of silver
Stretch down the distance
Cloth of the tables old
Places of refined stone
Trees that do not leave
Green grows to the sky
The cities are firm
Jungles thick and live
Streams growing longer
The cliffs sleep well
The seas forgiving


Consider the teaching of the wise
Having noticed the facts in this art
Unless you rule the nature of truth
There will follow nothing but harm
Take a touch of quicksilver
Add it to the body of magnesia
Or sulphur which does not burn
All you seekers after wisdom
Take therefore roasted copper
Whiten with salt and dew
Suffer the spirits to escape
Til then become like gleaming marble
For you need not a number of things
But it differs only in name


Whatever an objects origins or principles might be
It can be returned to that original state in this way
Water of mercury is closest to the nature of metals
This is how we know this blessed water's preparation
Unless the grain of wheat falls onto the earth
All remains useless and fruitless
It will never lose its riches and its strength
Until the day of the last judgement
Sow gold and silver so they bear fruit
Common gold and silver are dead
As such cannot perfect each other
Take this body as nature created
Make it even more perfect using this art


A red sulphide is produced
When black sulphide of mercury is kept
The worker is directed to urge the fire
Else the crows go back to the best

The red lion is the perfect state
Applied to the ardent worker's stone
Nowhere is there common sulphur
Nor usually to ordinary gold

They who employ an obscure style
Use what is common and cheap
The real method from a view
Simple yet the most distinct

Conclude in tremendous favor
The unbiased student must
Consider the only resource
Entering on what is just


It makes projection in bodies for all diseases
For gold cannot be made so easily
You must not put any strange thing unto it
There is none so poor which cannot operate this work
Small labor, little art and expense and in a short time
Conceal it from people for reason of evil
There are many and different works in the mineral stone
Whereof many strange parables are written
It makes projection upon all imperfect metals
No other thing in this world but this stone


Who's ever knows it, and can prepare it needs no more
For the spirit of air lies in the inward part of all things
The air exceeds from herbs and flowers externally
The air and the taste are on spirit
What wonders work in inferior things
There are no colors but in the spirits
So that there is in it, red and yellow sulphur
They say, it is a dry water
It is to be found in all towns and places
Make it fix the mercury and sulphur with its earth
Give it fire so hot as the heat of the sun
Matter should melt as if it were oil
There is one way of pouring on the water of paradise
By little and little and drive it so long as it drops


The living fire rules in two radical sulphur
The subject resists and rejoices the fire
Work with conservation of internal nature
To speak of fire is to mean water
Regenerated salt leaves unprofitable ashes
Our gold is not vulgar gold
Green gold is clothed with foul garments
The ancients called it a fiery vigor
Water is extracted from the bowels of nature
Most precious whiteness is our arsenic
To quicken the work we dissolve the glorious earth


Gradual sums accumulate
Fairing faults innumerate

Bedrock purging facades
Solvents flying beyond

Amplifies incorruptibles
Destroys the destructible

Acquire an absolute
Insoluble to suit



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