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8 Facts on Promoting your Business with Articles

Business owners have the greatest potential for writing successful articles.

Most people usually start a business because they have a particular interest in certain products or services.  Business owners usually have already gained much knowledge in their particular market. They can optimize their potential by setting aside time to research and study their area of interest to become even more knowledgeable in their market.  One good resourceful book can help ignite the enthusiasm to gain more and more knowledge.  Business owners can use this knowledge to write informational articles and will easily obtain their title as "expertise" once they do so.

Articles highly target your potential customers. Writing articles is actually something that anyone can easily do even if they have never really considered themselves as a "talented" writer.  A little effort to compile some valuable information, can produce great results in targeting your potential customers.  If you write articles related to your business industry, the visitors you receive from your articles will usually be highly targeted, eager and ready to see what else you have to offer. With your articles, you have already established yourself as a means of  a "professional" in your visitor's mind. For this reason you can create open-minded potential customers ready to seek what you have to offer them.

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Resourceful information should be included about the author.  Marketing with your articles work best when you give them away to be redistributed and used for webmasters seeking content for their sites, blogs, etc. When your articles are submitted to free article directories and groups for distribution, a resource box or area below your article is always included.  You may give your name, a small piece of information about you and your business (make it short and state directly what you do), and your URL to your website.  Having your article  hosted on numerous other sites and blogs is a great way to gain many "incoming" links to your site. The URL that you provided is also a great tool to generate traffic to your site.
You only have one small chance to catch the eye and interest of the reader.  Time should be well spent on creating a interesting title and introduction paragraph for new articles.

The world is full of information...newspapers, magazines, commercials, flyers, mail, bill boards, emails, banners and text ads on websites.  All competing to catch our eye.  We have learned to quickly tune out what does not interest us and proceed on.  Do not try to use a title that you believe will catch "everybody's" interest.   It just cannot be done anyway.  Target only your potential customers and what information they are looking for.

If you are targeting people who are fascinated with their hair, they want great hair...forget the clothes...forget the's the hair!  You've got the answer! You provide hair care products.  Don't write in general about "beauty tips" trying to catch every woman's eye.  Write to those hair fanatics.  Provide specific articles targeting those hair fans.  "100 Ways to Poof your Hair".  ( course you've got the product they're looking for to make this happen.  Include the exact link in your author's resource area.)

The length of your article does not have to be long.  Some people feel they must practically write a book to complete an article. Four to six paragraphs can complete a well-written article.  Instead of trying to cover a whole topic about "Work-at-Home Moms" try narrowing your articles into more specific pieces, for example, "How Work-at-home Moms Manage their Time", and perhaps next, "Three Simple Ways Work-at-Home Moms Relieve Stress".  Creating one huge article that covers a broad subject can take a lot of time and effort and may end up losing the interest of your reader.  Distributing smaller articles targeted on a specific subject will allow you to write and distribute more articles and will target the interest of your reader much easier.

Articles can bring you large amounts of traffic when distributed frequently.  "Frequently" is stressed when speaking of generating large amounts of traffic through article marketing.  Generally, one article will not do this wondrous deed.  For this reason, writing numerous, narrow-targeted articles and distributing them with frequency will create the results you want. On the other side, don't overdo it.  Creating articles like you are some vending machine and popping out one article after another, may cause you to lose focus on quality.  Quality takes more time and effort, but produces much better results and greater chances of having your articles sought after and read.

Articles are successful when they are not advertisements.  Use your articles to give your reader valuable content and information that will have them coming back to you for more.  Don't try to be sly and sneak in a couple of ads here and there.  People sense right away what is intended to be an ad.  Some may continue to read on, but others won't. Save your ads for appropriate places on your site and not in your articles.  Take time to check your spelling and grammar.  If this is an area that you lack in, then find a family member or friend who can help you proofread and determine what sentences may need improvement.
Use small fragments of time to write your articles.

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Most business owners are extremely busy.  They do not have much extended time just for writing articles. Today you can have time to start writing your first article.  You can use very small fragments of time to write successful articles.  Keep a notepad with you at all times and you will be surprised at the numerous opportunities you get to jot down some ideas for your articles.  Whether you're waiting at the doctor's office, stuck in traffic on the way home, or simply lying in bed at night trying to calm down and relax before turning out the've got the potential of creating success with your tidbits of time.

Write one paragraph at a time if that is all the time you have.  You will soon see that this will actually energize your thoughts more into the process of writing articles.  You will find yourself coming up with new ideas at odd moments...and glad that you have your notepad to jot it down.  Right now take a small fragment of your time and start your way to successful article writing.


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