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How To Properly Prepare and Position Your Business For Sale in Indiana


Selling your Indiana business will help you ultimately realize profits. The amount of equity held in the business is converted into cash and cash allows you the freedom to pursue alternative opportunities that you've been desiring for so long. 

When Should I Sell?

The best time to sell a business and receive the best deal for your Herculean efforts is when the organization is in full swing and has a very promising future (usually a steady growth rate of at least 3-6% year over year for example). You get the most favorable results when conditions are strongest. Yes, some investors specialize in turnaround situations, but these are only for the most seasoned operators and the market is much smaller.   

Preparing Your Company For Sale

How the business is presented and how the sell is structured will depend on numerous factors including buyer interest levels, the condition of the money market, and how well the business details are organized when presented to buyers. 

Looking to sell your business? You should make preparations at least a year or so in advance. This allots you the time to restructure operations in ways that really add value to the bottom line. Remember, the buyer is most interested in a capitalized value of your future earnings. This more than anything will determine the buyer's willingness to pull the trigger. Use this time in order to complete two main objectives:

1. Maximize the Sales Picture

Begin by adopting more aggressive sales tactics. Run special sales campaigns targeting existing customers and new customers as well. Work on increasing sales figures without significant expenditures. Bring attention to the return on investment when it comes to marketing dollars. Measure the strength of every dollar going out of the door. If it's not making a positive contribution to the bottom line, cut it immediately.

2. Minimize Expenses

Here's where having a good business broker comes in handy. The expenses are the most fertile area for increasing the value of the business. Good brokers assist sellers in reconstructing their balance sheets so that legitimate, unnecessary expenses are instead diverted toward improving net profits which increases the potential sales price.

Some Other Ideas on How to Best Position the Business For a Close

Clean up those old receivables accounts, particularly for those that are at least 90 days old. Find incentives for slower paying customers so you can get them current. Doing this increases the overall value and increases the purchase price of the Indiana business for sale. 

Try updating available merchandise. Since business buyers are generally not into purchasing older inventory, it's a good idea to convert this inventory into cash through special sales campaigns. 

If you are selling a business or looking to buy a business in Indiana, send me an inquiry about your situation and we can talk about what to do next.


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