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Top 5 Projects You Should Outsource To a Ghostwriter - Khalil-Ghibran


Should I hire a ghostwriter? Should I tackle the project myself? Do we have anyone in-house with the skills to see the project from start to finish?

Quintessential questions like these nag marketing managers until analysis-by-paralysis kicks in - a condition where uncertainty stifles decision making. But like a student of Confucius, we're going to ask some questions to get the answers to those above. I know...sounds weird, right? Well, it worked for Confucius and he lived thousands of years ago.

Is Time a Factor?

Business time works a bit differently than regular time. Seconds add up quickly, and it seems like there's never enough time in the day. Back-log compounds after weeks of frenetic activity; next thing you know, deadlines have been missed. Finding the right ghostwriter means getting ahead of project lead time. The team can spend more time actually communicating with customers because a professional took the time to understand the brand's identity and is capable of expressing it as if they were a salaried employee. If time is of the essence, you should consider outsourcing a project to a ghostwriter.

Is the Need to Build Brand Awareness Priority?

A copywriter's job, even as a ghostwriter, is to tell a story, with the lead-up ending with a 'call to action'. We are professional writers who possess an understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) and how authentic content helps build brand awareness quickly. We specialize in the kind of persuasive writing meant to bring customers into the fold. 

Does My Ghostwriter Need to Sound Just Like Me?

This question props up quite a bit when speaking with clients in the midst of finding the right ghostwriter. The worry is that styling won't translate, or that there could be sudden gaps in the continuum of a certain message. Such a fear is legitimate and is a real hurdle in the relationship between a writer and the client. It's important to remember that the message is more important than the style used. There exist many ways to convey who you are and what you're about. A ghostwriter can frame the message in a way so that your customers not only listen but commit the message to memory. We seek to make an emotional impact as opposed to a logical one, which is a stumbling block for many.

A copywriter's job, even as a ghostwriter, is to tell a story, with the lead-up ending with a 'call to action'. 

Consider hiring a ghostwriter if:

  1. You need to save time
  2. You need to build brand awareness
  3.  You value diversity in outreach

Let's dive into 5 projects you can and probably should outsource to a ghostwriter as soon as possible.

1. Content For Online Platforms

That sounds general and that's because it is. This can include content for websites/blogs, social media pages like Facebook. Linkedin, and Twitter. You may not have given a second thought to how you communicate on these platforms, but as a ghostwriter, my job is make you more aware and assist with improving strategic communication. Whether paid or giveaway, ebooks and reports are ripe for the hands of a savvy ghostwriter. Sales letters tend to be more challenging, but remain vital to the marketing campaign. I can help with that.

2. Speeches

As an manager, director, or executive, you don't have the luxury of being able to sit down and hammer out an entire speech spanning minutes in most cases. Besides, everyone does it. From celebrities to famous politicians, finding the right ghostwriter to take care of the matter is not only condoned but encouraged. Some of the most well-known expressions and idioms emanate from a well-written, carefully crafted speech. Wouldn't it be advantageous to the brand if that speech came from you?

3. Corporate Letters

Top executives communicate quite a bit to department heads, shareholders, and the public at large. The brevity of networking often commands the services of a talented liaison who can answer inquiries. They can act as a mouthpiece within the arena of reputation management - something to keep in mind.

4. Legal Briefings 

Ironically, it's no secret that legal briefings, opinions, and correspondences are ghostwritten. Judges often hire law clerks to construct opinions on behalf of the bench. Usually resigned for practicing attorneys, the prestigious position revolves around presenting briefs, motions, and appeals to relevant parties. 

5. Autobiographies/Memoirs

In short, somebody writes for you but uses your name. Celebrity biographies are almost always dictated by the them and written by a ghostwriter. This is the dirty little secret beneath some of your favorite books. Many bestsellers are, simply and plainly, outsourced to highly developed storytellers - sometimes more than one. Since by definition a ghostwriter cannot legally claim any type of credit for their work, they balance this out with increased compensation requests. 

Are you currently on the fence about hiring a ghostwriter? Start by answering the questions above (with the other questions) and go from there. There are pros and cons to outsourcing work and every situation is different. 

If you are in the middle of any of these 5 type of projects, try partnering up with a ghostwriter so you can focus more on the bottom line.  


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