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A Brief Guide to Becoming Self-Employed: Blueprint For Creative Success

Despite the fact that the pay is irregular at best, the work is long, and the rate and impact of failure is much, much higher than traditional 9 am to 5 pm employment - being self-employed has certainly reached celebrity status. Do the positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to entrepreneurship? Sure. But, the negative always come first. That is to say, everyone venturing down the glamorized and metaphoric "yellow-brick road" paved with gold must first endure the trials and tribulations that would challenge even the most able the most fabled heroes of old. Herculean trials aside, there's a price premium on self-employment because of this one thing: you get to work when you want, how you want. It's the stuff of dreams, also of legends. Why peel yourself out of bed before dawn when you get wake up and tend to work in whatever fashion you see fit? Of course, sleep shouldn't dictate an entrepreneur's schedule. Passion and an uncanny ability to motivate sel

Branding and Internal Communication

Yes, I think you can use the idea of branding  as a tool for improving employee productivity and retention.  Let's approach it from the perspective of a manager communicating with his or her subordinates. If the manager sets out to build a positive reputation over time and over a series of messages, then we might say he or she is embarking on a branding exercise. It's an attempt to create the trust and goodwill necessary to have messages both accepted and acted upon.  Marketers branding products do essentially the same thing: send out a series of messages designed to build a positive reputation over time.     And, when messages to employees enjoy trust and goodwill, then the manager can use communication to increase productivity and retention.  For example, in publishing employee newsletters for my corporate clients, I've always emphasized the need to provide articles and information of value to readers (the employees). By doing that, employees come to see their company n