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[VIDEO] My Past Is Not My Future | Khalil-Ghibran | 99 Years of Motivation

My Past Is Not My Future | Khalil-Ghibran | 99 Years of Motivation




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"It matters not what a person is born, but (whom) they choose to be."

–J. K. Rowling

One of the most important reasons I am a better person today is because I choose to ‘step outside the box’ now instead of living my life in continuous fear. Not stepping through my fear used to make me very unhappy, limited, and controlled.

Now, I am free of that! I am constantly and continually proving this to myself by ‘stepping outside the box’ when I am being challenged in life. I did something that I feared yesterday- going by ‘past experience’, it use to make me very uncomfortable, painful and scared. But, when I kept a few things in mind, it was easy!

Here they are:

1. Most of the things we worry about, never take place

2. Doing something I panic will make me a better person

3. I will gain more confidence and personal supremacy

4. My past does not equal my future

5. I will be more of a ‘contributor’, which is one of my life-size goals.

99 Years of Motivation is a passion project with the goal of producing enough recorded material to help any person for 99 Years. The secondary objective revolves around amassing one of the world's largest virtually active databases of personal counselors, therapists, and life coaches ready to help those who seek a better life. Want to dedicate your skills, talents, or resources as a mental health professional? Send an email to and introduce yourself. Thank you!

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