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[VIDEO] Cutting Off The Chains | Khalil-Ghibran | 99 Years of Motivation

Cutting Off The Chains | Khalil-Ghibran | 99 Years of Motivation

Losing the attachment to the needs and desires and having an ongoing conversation with life has been tremendously profitable.

What I have to share with you, I believe, has the power to transform almost any situation we come across. It goes like this:

In life, we are constantly being sent information that is meant to guide us. This information comes as hints: thoughts and feelings - thoughts about the feelings and feelings about the thoughts. Other hints might come to us when someone says something, or when a synchronistic events occurs.

But this information is often overlooked. This is because:

We didn't know that life provided us with empowering information:
👉We're too busy to pay proper attention
👉We don't know what signs to look for, or
👉Because acknowledging the signs scares the living daylights out of us



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