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The Indisputable Power Of Focus

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the projects you have on your plate?

I'm sure you have. We ALL have.

But, if you want to seriously grow your business, you need to learn to focus your efforts.

A lot of folks don't. And usually, they never GET anywhere because they're spreading themselves too thin.

That's a one-way ticket to frustration and confusion.

There are a lot of ways to make moneee online. You can write an ebook (or better yet... outsource the darn thing). You can promote affiliate programs with content sites. You can build Adsense sites. You can create a membership site (or three). You can build sequences for your lists. You can flip Adwords traffic.

But, you can't expect to nail them all at the same time successfully.

You have to focus. Forget building your empire by next month. Move slowly and methodically. Pick your project and get it done. Then, move onto the next project.

Let's do this quickly. There are 3 key benefits to putting your blinders on and focusing. Here they are...

1. You'll achieve results faster

Try to do six or seven projects at once and you're begging for failure. Nothing will get finished. All of your projects will tread water.

Focus on one project at a time. Do it step by step. Finish it. Launch it! Make some casholah and tweak your process to make more.

You want to see results FAST.

2. You can kill your confusion.

If you're not focused on a deliberate process, you'll get confused. Look, I'm not saying you're an idiot. I'm saying you're human. We're ALL like that. Give us too many projects with too many steps and we're gonna stall like a worn-out engine on a cold Arkansas morning.

We all want to believe that we're capable of managing ten projects at a time. But, I've never met anyone who can do it well (and I've been around for awhile).

Get your head clear. One project at a time. Finish it. Move to the next project.

3. You can grow your business consistently.

Let's face it. If you're running a chop shop operation with a dozen projects going at once, you're gonna leave some green on the table. You won't take your time to squeeze every last penny of cashflow out of  each project.

You won't test things. You won't tweak things. You'll build and launch so fast, you'll lose the details.

And details is where the moolah is, baby.

Slow down and focus on one project. Take some time to do it right. Take some time to coddle it to make sure it grows as big as possible.

Remember, you don't want a bunch of "flash in the pan" moneymakers. You're building a business. And each well-executed project adds to your business's long-term  cashflow.

Last Thoughts

There are folks making a killing with Adsense sites. And there are other folks crushing it with info-product sites. Still others are raking it in with membership sites.

There's no end to the opportunities for you to make moneee.

But, you can't do everything. So, you need to choose a  direction. Choose ONE project and focus on getting it done.

I'm telling you... when you look back after 12 months of slow, methodical improvement in your business, you'll be blown away by your progress.


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