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Publicity: Utilizing a Press Release Effectively

Publicity is valuable to the livelihood of a business.  Yet, some business owners hesitate to market their company through a press release.  Instead, they rely on 'word-of-mouth'.  But if your market is in the virtual marketplace, word-of-mouth doesn't work as effectively.  Perhaps, most online business owners don't know where to begin in publicizing their product or service and this is why they dither in utilizing press releases.
The press release is the optimum method to luring potential business prospects.  Used correctly, it would target an audience world-wide.  Journalists often seek out unique products and services for topics of interest, and writing a comprehensive press release could be just the 'ticket' your business needs.

Where does one begin?

Start by understanding the 5 basic rules in promoting your business with words.  With this brief outline of steps, you'll have a good understanding of how to begin the process.

1. Solid beginning:  Express the 'point' of interest in a FIRM TITLE and HEADER.  The remaining content of the press release will depict the detailed information.

2. Placement:  Repeat the name of your product or service throughout the press release.  Use the full name and not initials.

3. Target audience:  Draft the content to target your market's interest.  The material must reveal a benefit to using your product or service.  Why should someone want to purchase from you?  Use real-time facts to get the point across.

4. Language:  Write in a conversational manner with an active voice.  Avoid using fluffy words to make you sound superior or educated.  Fewer words are better: too long of a press release will become distractive.

5. Company info:  Include a brief bio line of the company, products, services, and customer satisfaction.  If you do decide to use a testimonial in your press release, you should request written permission to list that person/company name in your press release.

These five steps are merely a starting point.  To be effective, you should post a press release in online communities and bulletin boards.  Keywords are also very important when writing Internet press releases, but not as important as the content.  Remember, search engines like Google review the content for authenticity and quality.

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs don't have the time to invest in creating quality material so they contract a freelance writer who specializes in Public Relations.


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