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[VIDEO] Start With The End In Mind Part 1 | 99 Years of Motivation | Khalil-Ghibran

Start With The End In Mind | 99 Years of Motivation | Khalil-Ghibran Starting and managing a #business is overwhelming, especially for the uninitiated. There always seems to be so much to do, and so little time to do it. You spend your days working very hard at getting the job done, responding to #customer enquiries, making sales calls, and so on, that very soon the days blur into weeks. You forget what it was that inspired you to begin the journey in the first place. The steps you have taken already are enormous. You have made a decision to take control of your destiny and create the life you desire. Congratulations. Now is the time to build on these first steps with a solid plan of #action. Now, there are a number of plans that you can and should use in your business. Business plans, marketing plans and financial plans are all great examples of what you should have, and what you should later refer to. However, there is a simple plan that you can do before developing any of the others just mentioned. This plan requires that you complete your ultimate goal in your mind, and work backwards. Here's what I mean. Take the vision or idea that you had when you decided to begin your business, or begin a new project in the company you work for. What was it that you could see as the end product? How did it look, feel, taste, sound, smell? Can you see it in your head? Now, ask yourself this very important question. What do I need to do to have (product, idea, report, etc) completed by (chose a date)? This is one of the most powerful questions you could ask yourself. It will get your brain working on a solution for you, even while you sleep. With respect to the date - just pick one. I once heard the expression that there are no unrealistic goals, just unrealistic timeframes. If you need a starting point, choose one year in the future. For business inquiries: For business capital:


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