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[VIDEO] Milestones and The Merlin Method | 99 Years of Motivation | Khalil-Ghibran

Milestones and The Merlin Method | 99 Years of Motivation | Khalil-Ghibran #Action steps, #milestones, and #timelines When you have chosen the suite of initiatives you will pursue, break each into action steps and intermediate results, and place the whole thing on a timeline. Include acquisition of missing resources and skills on the timeline. Set regular milestones to keep the whole effort on track, and have a way to blow the whistle when things get off course. Develop a tracking system, and update it regularly and often. A big white board or flip chart paper taped to the wall can display your timeline, including measures, milestones, and commitments made by various team members defining what will be accomplished each tracking period. Project management software is useful for complex initiatives - it helps you visualize and account for "dependencies." If you use it, email reports to all participants. The Merlin Method For some of your areas and measures of success you are clueless - you simply have no idea how to achieve the results. In this case, you can use the Merlin Method. Merlin, you may remember, was a magician and prophet who served as counselor to King Arthur. What you may not know is that Merlin did not really predict the future. Legend says Merlin was born as an old man and lived his life growing younger. He was simply relating events which for him had already happened. Here's the secret to becoming a great copywriter: You are about to get full-blown access to money-making software that's jammed thousands of dollars into my forex account in the last few months: Never Seen Before! This Smart And Easy To Use Software Is Helping Forex Traders To Increase Their Profitability With Any System: Email Marketing Bundle- 600+ Online Training Courses + Free 950 Million Email List + Free Social Bots And Many More: The Merlin Method is based on this same principle. Imagine you are standing at the end of a long timeline - you have already achieved your specific goal. Imagine or visualize, how did you do it? What actions did you take? What resources did you secure? Who's help did you enlist? Ask these questions in a stepwise fashion starting from the end. What was the last significant thing you had to do just before reaching the goal. Put that on your timeline. And just before that, what did you have to do? And just before that? And so on, moving closer and closer in time, right up until the present. Working backwards from the realization of the goal, you have developed a timeline, complete with milestones - working from your collected knowledge and wisdom, but not necessarily from your conscious mind. The Merlin Method can be a very powerful way to generate set of tactical actions to realize your business strategy. For a reality check, think it through forward. If you add the necessary resources, skills, and knowledge, take each action in turn, and reach each milestone, is that likely to produce the results you intend to produce? You can even use the Merlin Method to generate alternative plans to evaluate against your other approaches. For business inquiries: For business capital:


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