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[VIDEO] Leonardo the Illiterate | The Leonardo da Vinci That History Forgets, Leonardo the Genuis

Leonardo the Illiterate | The Leonardo da Vinci That History Forgets Leonardo da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, architect, cartographer, engineer, scientist and inventor in the 15th century. Yet, despite his genius, he referred to himself as "senza lettere" (the illiterate, the man without letters). For good reason: until late in life, he was unable to read, or write Latin, the language used by virtually all other Renaissance intellectuals, the lingua franca, akin to English today. Nor was he acquainted with mathematics until he was 30. Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Writing Services: Books: Music: Laid-back guitars Artist: Kevin MacLeod Creative Commons License Tags: leonardo da vinci biography, leonardo da vinci timeline, leonardo da vinci paintings, leonardo da vinci childhood, did leonardo da vinci travel, leonardo da vinci values, leonardo da vinci artworks, where was leonardo da vinci born, leonardo da vinci wikipedia


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