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How To Use Quotes

You see them everywhere: on buses, note cards, television shows, books, and even coffee cups.  Quotes have infiltrated our very world and are excellent ways of showcasing a unique thought, idea, or inspiration.  Many individuals are at a loss when it comes to actually using quotes in everyday aspects of their lives, but fear not! 

There are a million different uses for your favorite quote.

Quotes do not have to be stodgy, historic, or dated.  Many individuals see historians with wire rimmed glasses spouting off famous quotes while teaching lessons to a class of under-eager students.  Quite to the contrary, quotes can add a spark of fun in your life!

Use quotes for personalization reasons. 

Perhaps you have a specific quote that has become your motto over the years. 

Maybe you have a couple of quotes that best signify your style and your way of life.  Embrace your favorite quotes and work to include them into your lifestyle.

Incorporate quotes into the design of your home.  Paint words of inspiration above doorways or on blank walls. 

Frame treasured quotes for posterity or embroider quotes into fluffy robes so that you can remember them on brisk mornings.

Use quotes in your internet personality.  Attach quotes to e-mails in place of a signature and put them at a place of honor on your personal website.  For individuals that use messaging software, include quotes in the away messages or personal information.  Web logs are incredibly popular these days, so include a quote of the day with each entry.

Weave quotes into your speeches and projects.  Whether you are a student or are busy in the working world, use quotes to emphasize a point or create a new way of thinking.

Include quotes in your crafting explorations or hobbies.  Give quotes as gifts to friends in need.  Keep quotes written on slips of paper and hand them out at will.  Whatever you decide to use quotes for, they will certainly enrich your life.


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