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5 Ways to Synch Your Book n Website

Are you an author that wants to sell more books? Sure you are. We all are. I can say that with such confidence because if your message was important enough to be written; it is important enough to be read. Read by as many people as possible I might add.

In the new millennium the web must play an important role in your book’s marketing plan. Your website address should be included in as many places online and offline in your marketing materials as possible.

To develop your brand and increase your profits include your website address on all your printed media. Here are ten top ways to make sure your book and website are synched as precisely as your palm pilot and computer are:

1. Create a separate website address for your book.
Make your book site a direct response website. The more focused your book’s site is the better. It will be easier for your web visitors to locate and since there’s nothing to distract them they will buy faster. You can always link your book’s site to your concept site, if you have one with all your services, forum and general web community.

2. Give Away Sample Chapters.
One of the best ways to promote your book using your website is to give away 1-3 sample chapters or a mini e-course based on your book.
Fear of the unknown is one of the biggest impediments to sales. Even though the internet is growing leaps and bounds, there are still tons of people that are afraid to trust someone online. One of the best ways to get rid of that fear for the visitor is to offer them a free download of your sample chapters.

You can offer the free sample chapters in several formats. The most popular is Adobe PDF. Readers can download a free Acrobat Reader. Don’t forget your privacy statement promising not to share or sell your visitor’s email. Post your free sample offer in a prominent place and the privacy statement underneath.

3. Emphasize Testimonials.
Immediately below your free sample chapter, put lots of reader and authority testimonials. Hopefully you solicited pre-publication quotes from your readers as you were writing your book. If not, begin to gather testimonials from your readers. 

Showcase your best testimonials. Prospects want to know someone else has read and liked your book.

4. Focus on Relationship Marketing.
No one likes being sold. People want to know who they are buying from, especially since you are missing the face to face factor. Strive for a relationship with your readers instead of just a sale. Don’t be shy allow your personality to show. A client of mine was stressing over whether she should allow her picture to be posted on her website. Finally, she bit the bullet and her visitors rewarded her with increased traffic and sales. 

5. Offer Useful Content.
Have you begun writing articles in your field? If not, you should consider it. Writing articles (article marketing) is an easy way of getting free publicity. Publish a useful easy to read article in your field and you gain almost instant credibility. You may be saying I don’t have time to write articles in my field.

Leveraging your profits by synching your book and website can be rewarding and profitable journey. Implement the tips above, synch your book to website and prosper!


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