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Start With A WANT For Copywriting Success

Often I see people banging their heads against a brick wall, hoping that if they bash it hard enough the wall will fall down. I’m sorry, but that’s not going to happen!

Imagine selling beef to vegetarians.

Imagine selling crucifixes to atheists.

Imagine selling England football shirts to Scotland fans. :)


Imagine selling a good night’s sleep to the parents of a newborn child.

Imagine selling a new high-tech super gadget to a technophile.

Imagine selling a Ferrari to… well, almost any male. :)

I think you get the point… some things sell themselves, some things don’t.

Here’s an idea for your next product…

Check out some online forums for a niche you have an interest in. Most likely people will be asking for help with X,Y or Z. Pay special attention if multiple people are asking for help with the same problem. Then remember this…

The easiest sale is made by selling a solution to a problem people already have. The more people who have the problem, the more sales you’ll make.

And here’s the kicker…

…because you KNOW the target audience’s WANT already, your KNOW what to write your sales copy around. In fact, your copy almost writes itself!


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