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How to Multiply Your Freelance Work

You can turn your $200 fee to write a press release into $2,000 to  carry out an entire PR campaign simply by convincing clients to  invest in campaigns, instead of individual assignments. Campaigns  achieve better results and cost less in the long-term for clients, compared to individual assignments. And, of course, as the  freelancer, you get paid much more for turning out a succession of  assignments that assimilate a successful campaign.

Here's how to multiply your writing sales by convincing clients to  invest in long-term campaigns, instead of short-term individual  assignments.

• Know the short-term and long-term results. A client approaches you to write a brochure. He may or may not know that his product can  also benefit from other types of promotional pieces, such as ads,  direct mail, news releases, websites, and so on, to sell his product  or service. Your job is to educate the client. The brochure may be  the first promotional piece in a consortium of promotional pieces.  Here, you must know the short-term and long-term view results of the  brochure. 

The short-term  results are the results the brochure will achieve  for the client; and the long-term results are the results the  brochure will achieve/contribute for the entire campaign. It answers  the questions,

"How do the results of this brochure fit into the  entire campaign?" and "How can these results be strengthened with  other forms of promotional materials?" 

Show the client how a campaign, that's comprised of a succession of  assignments, can achieve — and exceed — his expectations and outsell and outdo the performance of a single assignment. 

• Use "tie-in" services. Whenever a client approaches you with a  single assignment, ask yourself what tie-in services can supplement  the single assignment. A news release achieves better results when  it's accompanied with a photo. And a press kit — complete with press releases, photos, brochures, and company information — can achieve better results than a single press release. All of these  extra tie-in services can turn writing a single press release into  multiple writing sales.

• Offer the "concept to completion" benefit. Instead of pitching  yourself as a freelancer who can write newsletter copy, pitch  yourself as a freelancer who produces newsletters, from copy to  completion. You multiply your income by outsourcing parts of the job  and delivering a finished product, not a piece of the product. You  also can extend your "concept to completion" services by pitching  yourself as a marketing consultant, in which you make  recommendations to the client as to the best way to market the  newsletter. 

• Develop strong consultative skills. Besides selling your freelance services, also offer consulting services. Clients pay you  to explain ideas, concepts, recommendations and turnkey solutions as  to the best way to achieve the results they desire. Consulting with clients can lead to securing freelance work, since clients realize  you have the skills and expertise to undertake the task.

• Know the future needs of clients. Clients come with present needs — and future needs. A client may hire you to write a  newsletter now, but they'll also consider you for future work if you  know what their future needs are and how to fulfill them. The  company may be ushering in a new product line, creating a new  division within the company, sponsoring a charity event, or creating  a website. All of these future events need a freelancer to do  promotional writing and freelance work. That's you. Your job is to  show clients how you'll address their future needs with solutions  that'll increase their profitability and/or productivity. This is  usually accomplished with a proposal through which you pitch  yourself as the freelancer who has the solutions to undertake the  future tasks.

• Use proposals to secure work. Proposals are an inclusive  persuasion tool to convince prospects that you can increase their  profitability and/or productivity with your freelance services.  Proposals specifically show the client how you intend to achieve the  desired results, the time and costs involved, and why you and your  solutions are the best choices to boost the company's profits.

• Adaptations. Any of your freelance writing services can be adapted for websites, turning a single assignment into two  assignments. Get paid to write a press release or brochure, and then get paid again to adapt the copy digitally.

• Add-on services, such as desktop publishing services, marketing  consulting, compiling and selling media lists, and project  coordinating can help multiply your work and your income. 


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