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Marketing for Writers When Writing Just Isn't Enough

Many writers write for the experience. Others dream of having a number one best seller. Both are wonderful reasons for writing. What many fail to realize is that these two do not have to be mutually exclusive. With a little research, you can enjoy writing incredible stories and see to it that they generate a profit. The first thing that is needed is a business like attitude toward the process. From day one you must: 1) Know your niche. Research which books are popular in your genre. Go to bookstores and start reading popular authors in your field. Also pick up writing magazines and see what publishers are looking for today. 2) Know your audience. If you are writing for children, for example, know the developmental stage that a child reading your book needs to be and cater to them. Ex. A five year old would not be a good candidate for a chapter book. You can also talk to your future readers and find out what really sparks their interest. Ex. If you are a sci-fi writer

How A Sense Of Wonder Makes Life Richer

It always amazes me when I meet someone who has a disdain for expansion of knowledge. The other day, over lunch, I was arguing with a girl about a principle of abundance. I illustrated this principle with anecdotes about historically famous millionaires who had applied this principle successfully. Her response: “I can't use this information. It doesn't come from my experience.” Since her idea of reality was only what fell into her immediate experience she was discounting the possibility of knowing anything outside it. Yet, unless she was willing to acknowledge the possibility of something outside her immediate circle of influence, how could she invite the actuality of the experience. Unless one has a hypothesis, experimentation is not an option. Here is another example. During a certain period of time, a friend of mine and I, while working and living in similar circumstances, developed a completely different view of reality. During this time, I read books on super-s

Have You Tested Your Theme Against Your Plot?

Creative Writing Tips – How we usually begin the preparation stage in the writing process is… We think of an idea for a story We think of a suitable theme We plot Once we come up with a theme and we begin plotting, we have to see how the theme and the plot match up. Sometimes as we plot we find that the theme we had initially chosen won’t do. For example… ‘Winning The Lottery Makes Your Life Easier’ Plotting with this theme in mind, we have our characters pay off all their debts, go on endless shopping sprees, go on holidays, etc. We find though that this won’t make a very interesting story. So we spice it up, adding to the theme or coming up with a different one. “Winning The Lottery Makes Your Life Easier But Everything Has Its Price.” We can show the characters living the life of the rich for a while before they realize that being wealthy has its problems too... They now fear for their safety Their friends and relatives are constantly harping at their door as