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Do you deserve anything?

Are you mad or bitter about the way your life has turned out? Is it possible that you are feeling other negative emotions for the same reason? I know that many people complain about their lives all the time. They also complain about how other people react towards them. Oh! And of course they are in that predicament because their parents were unsupportive, their teachers did not care about them and the bosses where dictators. Worst of all, the list goes on and on “never ending.” I will tell you what I think about it, “Oh please, give me a break!” Although external circumstances do affect us, it is not unlikely for an individual to change or redirect their path in life.

Look at all the drug addicts that overcome their addictions, look at poor or middle class children that grow up to become great leaders like Oprah and Bill Clinton. An Albanian Proverb states, “When you have given nothing, ask for nothing.” This is true, how can you expect someone to give you all their undivided attention when you barely acknowledge their presence? Do not expect for your boss to give you a raise or a promotion if you are unenthusiastic about the job or organization as a whole.

Apply the proverb in to your life and observe how everything in general will change for the better. Do not sit down and expect others to give you everything while you do nothing. You can not move up the career ladder if you don’t work to acquire new skills.

Do not mistreat or cheat others and expect to get positive reactions in return. It’s simple if you have not given anything, why should you get anything?

Then when ever you are feeling down or frustrated ask yourself do you really deserve what you want? What did you put in to it? And even if you worked for it, ask yourself if you did everything it took from your part? These simple questions will help you see things from a whole different angle and help you solve your problems effectively.

Put your all in to your desired goals whether personal or professional. Then you will see your dreams come true. Of course, misfortunes will happen but you do not have to stop and stay on whine mode forever. Instead choose to strive and become a success! 


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