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Challenge the Universe ... Demand your Desires!

There have been so many times in my life where I have run into a series of obstacles that never seemed to stop.  I could handle each and every one, but after a while, I would grow weary and want it all to come to an end so I could return to a reasonable life. 

Over the years, I've learned that I can't just hope for positive change, I have to demand it and act on it.  This approach is has nothing to do with affirmations or affirm-actions.  It consists of simply telling the Universe what I want and having it show me the signs that all is well.

Many people feel that they are victims of their god and the Universe; however, we are our own gods.  We are our souls, our essence, and our spiritual deity.  In the end, we allow ourselves to become victims of ourselves, our beliefs, and our own inability to accept responsibility for our actions.

Putting a challenge to the Universe opens the ears of the multitude of other entities that exist to begin placing situations in motion to achieve your desires, if it is for the overall good.  You can fight it and continue down your path, but it will be a hard won fight. 

At one time, I was at my lowest possible point in my life.  At that point, I challenged the Universe for 10 positive events in my life to show me that this all wasn't just a waste of time.  In a matter of two weeks, things began to unfold in front of me.  Now, I challenge the Universe often and I work with it to manifest my desires and achieve my goals.

Whatever you desire, you can manifest by issuing a challenge to the Universe, your god, or whatever deity you worship.  But, in the end, you are only challenging yourself to achieve those things in your life that you desire.


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