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How To Reach 'Thousands' of Hungry Book Lovers on Twitter

With search and a few guerilla marketing tactics, self-publishers and writers with smaller budgets can still get massive exposure for their published material on Twitter

Twitter?! Who even uses that anymore?
Actually, a lot of people.
Users on Twitter are not only present, but very engaged.
Over 300 million monthly active users tweet a whopping 200 billion times per year. That breaks down to:
  • 500 million tweets every 24 hours
  • 350,000 tweets sent every 60 seconds
  • 6,000 tweets every 60 seconds

Courtesy of Statistica: Number of monthly active users on Twitter as of Q2 of fiscal year 2018
Courtesy of Statistica: Number of monthly active users on Twitter as of Q2 of fiscal year 2018

Of those millions of users, many are avid book readers who consume books as quickly as they are published.
Twitter has become a sort of giant book club, connecting the book-obsessed with other like minds- creating entire communities around well-loved literature from respected, responsive authors.
There are literally hundreds of Twitter accounts dedicated to attracting book lovers including book reviewers, book clubs, book bloggers, and most important for authors and marketers.
These valuable accounts are strictly dedicated to providing the latest on book promotions, release dates, and book release countdown periods.
They cater to indie authors (Hint Hint)
And they tend to have thousands of followers.
For book authors, and self-publishers, this means more exposure...which means more book sales, which equals more fans, which equals more revenue.
Exciting, right?
Ready to reach thousands of readers on Twitter easily, and effectively?
Add these 10 Twitter book marketers to add to your book marketing strategy today.

10 Active Book Marketers on Twitter

1. Book Tweeters

The Book Tweeters do exactly that- promote books to hundreds of thousands of readers across their Twitter network. They have worked with over 14,000 authors in the precious 3 years. They promote Kindle Unlimited, Kindle Scout, new releases, and Kickstarter.

2. IndependentAuthorNet

Since 2010, the Independent Author Network has supported indie authors through tweets, and features. The network promotes authors to 700,000 Twitter followers, and 120,000 Facebook fans.

3. Indie Author News

Indie Author News specializes in book promotion, author interviews, covers writing tips, and offers free kindle books.

4. eBook Connection

Part of the Independent Author Network, eBook Connection connects authors and readers through promos, and new releases.

5. BookViral

Although BookViral is mainly a book reviewer, it also showcases indie books for exposure over its pages. It often tweets writing tips and advice for perfecting writing techniques.


Authors Database has over 17,000 published listings by both best-selling, and indie authors. The community on their website shares top book reviews.

7. eBookSoda

eBookSoda tailors bargain, and best-selling ebook lists for its readers. It tweets about top deals, and new releases.

8. Book Cave



& Marketing |


Xana Publishing not only caters their marketing for Kindle writer, and indie authors; they also perform comprehensive book services.

Digital Book Girl

Digital Book Girl will promote your Kindle book submissions for free. Those authors with books in the Kindle Direct Publishing program should check this out.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Twitter is a treasure trove for book writers and book readers. The platform makes it easy to find, and engage with book marketers, distributors, and service providers.
If Twitter isn't apart of your book strategy, you're missing out.


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