How YouTube Channels Told Students To Cheat In School

Not everything on YouTube that hurts our kids has to do with sexual or violently explicit videos.

Paying someone to write a student essay isn't illegal, but at the very least result in a failing grade.

It's cheating plain and simple.

The BBC has exposed YouTube for accepting paid advertisements from a Ukranian company that writes student essays.

The company is called Edubirdie and it's being endorsed by some of YouTube's biggest content creators.

Edubirdie's paid ads appear in more than 1400 videos, on more than 250 YouTube Channels.

Let me quote the ad:

"If you can't be bothered to do the work, Edubirdie has a super smart nerd who will do it for you."

Yet, another example of bad corporate citizenship from big tech.

Today, we have to ask ourselves, why would YouTube, owned by Google, accept money to encourage student's to cheat in school?


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