20 Bad-Ass YouTube Tools The Competition Hopes You Never Found Out About

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1. TubeChop

TubeChop allows you to chop a funny or interesting section from any YouTube video and share it. This is great for picking out the relevant parts of a long video, (for example of talk or presentation), and is just as useful for cherry-picking that golden moment from your favourite lolcat clip.

2. DragonTape

DragonTape can be used to create remixes of your favourite YouTube videos, merging them together into one continuous ‘mix tape’. The service can also be connected to SoundCloud for creating hour-long mixes of your favourite clips.

3. iDesktop.tv

iDesktop.tv provides an alternative and more powerful interface for browsing YouTube videos. It gives you the option to download and save any video to your PC. It also allows user to choose and download video in a wide range of formats, including AVI, 3GP, MP4, and MOV, ensuring compatibility with various PC and mobile devices. Other features include watching multiple videos at the same time, drag and drop interaction for creating playlists and fast flexible searching.

4. YouTube captions

This one is an official YouTube tool which adds captions or a transcript to the video. This is good both for making videos accessible and for SEO so it’s a win win situation.

5. Turn off the lights

This Chrome extension lets you ‘dim the lights’ – putting the focus clearly on the video rather than the comments, recommendations and advertising that clutters up the standard YouTube page. Simple but effective, this functionality has existed for some time on certain videos – this tool makes the feature universally available. There is also an equivalent Firefox plug-in available as well.

6. YTPodcaster

7. TubeMogul

TubeMogul has developed a sophisticated (paid) tool called BrandPoint designed for online video buyers and brand advertisers to research audiences and place real-time bids based on GRPs. The site gives insights and stats designed to help target the right audience.

8. YouTube TestTube

TestTube is the where YouTube engineers and developers test out new ideas which you can test. These experimental features are still in development so comments and feedback are invited to help inform their progression.

YouTube Doubler lets you sync up to two videos and play them side-by-side which is great for creating mashup videos, making comparisons, or just for fun!

10. YouTube Repeat

Silly but fun, this tool allows you to play a YouTube video repeatedly on an infinite loop. This saves you the trouble of having to press play over and over again on that Justin Bieber number you just can’t get enough of. Presumably it continues forever until you lose your sanity… I wasn’t brave enough to test this theory.

11. Video Gating

provides a way of forming a direct relationship with your fans and keep them informed about any new videos that you might make. Also, you can set up a customizable widget for your site and control how much of each video people watch before they have to join your list in order to see the rest.

12. Tube SEO Commando

SEO (search engine optimization) is, by now, a familiar tool for website creators. It involves using keyword frequency to increase search ranking and hence the number of visitors. Tube SEO Commando provides “a kickass automation software suite to build authority sites that you control.” You can increase the number of subscriptions to your videos, add automating backlinks to each video you post, adjust each account to its own IP address “for a lifetime” and much more!

HOTT!! 13. Tube Toolbox

Tube Toolbox is a piece of software that will get you logged onto your YouTube account, after which it will send out friend requests to those who share your “niche” and subscribe to the same channels as they do. These new friends, in turn, can subscribe to your channels, watch your videos and make comments on them, thus increasing your rankings on the YouTube SERP (search engine results page). You can get the software for a free trial download. Tube Toolbox is in compliance with all of YouTube’s terms of service.

14. Tube Launch

Tube Launch is the perfect place for you to go to if you are a regular user of YouTube and would like to make some extra money by uploading videos; it is, in fact, the only place on the Web where you can make a living this way. There are literally tens of thousands of companies that desperately need a way of marketing their products and would be more than willing to pay you good money to download their videos and post them to YouTube for them, and Tube Launch has a whole database of them! They are organized according to how much they pay, so you can choose the ones that pay you the most. Few people will ever get an opportunity such as this one.

15. mTurk

mTurk (for “mechanical Turk”) is a service of Amazon, that renowned online store where people go to buy all kinds of products. Anyone who has an account here can make money by performing tasks of various kinds, such as transcribing audio recordings to text format and writing articles of various sorts. You can view assignments according to title, deadline, the amount of payment or the qualifications required.

16. Fiverr

“The world’s largest marketplace for services” — such is the description of Fiverr, a place where you can create gigs and share them with the rest of the world — and once again, you can earn money this way. Workers can make video and animation, music, writing and translation, and a variety of other things.

17. Tube Naire

Tube Naire is another great YouTube marketing software suite. It gives all the tools you need to dominate the YouTube scene, and is so easy to use that even the greenest novice can make rapid progress with it. It is an excellent way to increase the number of viewers for your YouTube videos.

18. My PYTA

Promote your YouTube videos with My PYTA, which can help you focus on those who view videos that are like yours — and comes with a Personal YouTube assistant that can free you for the more important business activities. You can get thousands of views and subscriptions in just one week!

19. AVS

AVS is possibly the best YouTube marketing software anywhere. It creates videos from your images, promotional text and URL. In addition to the traffic you get from YouTube itself, you also receive indirect traffic via SEO; and AVS works well with affiliate marketing.

20. Fan Finder

A powerful introduction can determine whether or not viewers become fans. YouTube is helping you accomplish this through Fan Finder, a tool that lets you create a video telling viewers about your Channel. This is then then run as an ad before other videos across the site at no cost to you.
As an example, take a look at the Fan Finder ad for Rooster Teeth featured above. It uses upbeat music, engaging clips, and strong messaging to communicate what the Channel is about. The Rooster Teeth brand is present throughout and reinforced strongly at the end with a large logo and a clear call-to-action.
To get started, visit the Fan Finder website. There you’ll be able to select up to five videos from your uploads to use as a Channel ad. Keep in mind that only new videos uploaded as “unlisted” will be eligible; it’s okay to leave it as public if you’re repurposing an existing video. Of course, if you rather build out your ad campaign more, there are other types of YouTube advertising available.
We also recommend taking a look at YouTube’s latest feature which gives you the option of adding a three-second intro video to your uploaded content. It can be added to all of your videos, or just the ones you’ve uploaded after a certain date. Not only is this a creative way to add a bit of distinction to your videos, but it’ll help you to more easily build a consistent brand your fans will recognize. Plus, you can always remove or change the intro later.


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