VIDEO How Do Subliminal Downloads Work?

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The word subliminal itself actually describes how the process works. It means “below threshold”, a person’s “threshold” or capacity for taking in something that they listen to is what subliminal messaging plays on. 

Whenever we are awake and conscious we can perceive the things around us, but only to an extent. There are many things that are constantly occuring in the background of our every day lives and we never even realize it. These kinds of background events demonstrate how subliminal audio works. 

Say you are walking across the street and you notice the vehicles and men and women moving about around you. While walking, you hear your own thoughts, a car horn and a crowd talking. Those three things are the apparent perceptions, nevertheless , you may have unintentionally heard someone in the group state that they are going to start taking it easy and reduce their pace a bit. 

You didn’t actually hear that voice shine through the others and also you didn’t take time to fully grasp it either. You just keep walking on to your destination. If you approach the next intersection the light turns yellow, instead of rushing across the sidewalk as you normally do, you decide to slow down and wait for the next light. You have just been impacted by subliminal messaging, although all of this could have happened and you will never have known. 

The same concept lies in purpose driven subliminal messaging. When there is a goal or topic to be absorbed via messaging, the subliminal suggestions play in the background of the track - you never notice they are there or become aware of them. 

After enough of this unconscious perception, the topic or goal will start to 'unconsciously' play out in your daily everyday life all without any real practice or effort. Effective subliminal messaging does take a willing mind as with all self-help practices, but the effects and end results are amazing, just like the science behind it all.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief article!

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