Sleep Learning - The Myths Exposed

Is sleep learning just a mythor is there more to it?

YES, sleep learning is really possible, but not in the way you might think, and certainly not in the way TV Sitcoms or Hollywood movies would make you think.

How It Doesn't Work

Hollywood has a lot to blame regarding in this area, it glamourizes sleep learning, and also makes jokes about it and paints a completely different image from how it really is. Here I will expel the 2 main misconceptions about sleep learning.

It does not instill knowledge directly. It Doesn't work by implanting information into your brain for instance - it won't just insert knowledge, facts, and information straight into your mind without you studying at all. It works simply as a learning ENHANCER - i.e. it allows you to learn quicker, and take information in easier.

It doesn't work instantly, or overnight. It takes time to work, and the result is fairly mild, and pretty gradual. Each night you add one thin layer, and night after night these layers build up and start to make changes to your mind.

Why You Should Try It

So now you know that it isn't miraculous or instant, nonetheless sleep learning has never been more popular, and here are a couple of main reasons why:

<It is absolutely non distracting. You can play a simple album as you sleep and let the messages sink into your mind by natural means. No additional action, practice, repetiton is necessary from you. This means that your lifestyle doesn't have to change at all, it is possible to play the recording on a night, enhance your mind, and go about your day as normal.

<I will be the first to point out that it ISNT a miracle - you will not wake up a different person, however the change will likely be gradual, and it will support the action you are taking and help align your unconscious mind to your conscious goals and actions. It can give you a shortcut and help you to learn just about anything, or develop yourself in just about any way imaginable.

Another reason that subliminals are becoming more and more popular is because it can be compared to a mild form of hypnosis - while you won't enter a trance the messages will change you mind in a similar way - ultimately the messages will produce real improvements to your unconscious mind and enhance your ability to learn dramatically.

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