7 Subliminal Learning Secrets

Subliminal learning is a buzz topic at the minute, it can get pretty controversial too. Visit different subliminal messaging websites and you will likely hear a range of different opinions, rumors, and myths about what it can and can't be used for, but here are 7 down to earth truths about subliminal messages:

Subliminals have been used by some celebrities (no not just Anthony Robbins), such as Tiger Woods and even Stephen Speilberg - both of them quoting that subliminal messaging helped them to stay focused , and become succcessful.

Reading some websites you might be led to believe it is illegal. This is innaccurate, it is not illegal, the only instance it is banned within is for use within advertising as here the intention would be to manipulate. It is completely legal to use for personal reasons - such as learning or improving confidence for example.

Leading manufacturers including Coca Cola, & McDonald's have been accused of using subliminal messages inside their advertising and marketing. Coca cola for making use of subliminal pictures of naked women within their branding, and McDonald's for displaying an advert for a split second frame on the "Food Network" Television channel (amongst some other accusations).

In the time of his election campaigns and speeches George Bush seemed to be making use of numerous subliminal techniques. This lincluded from the use of subliminal audio and subliminal "triggers" to including subliminal messages into marketing videos.

The "tachistoscope" was inspired and created because of a good deal of the first groundwork into subliminal perception . This is an instrument employed to train soldiers to identify enemy airplanes, and also to aid the improvement of speed reading abilities.It works in the same was as subliminal imagary / video programs as it flashes images and words for just less than one tenth of a second.

If you believed every little thing you watched on television shows or in movies it might seem that you can experience an instant / overnight result using subliminal audio. Unfortunately this isn't true.

Professional hypnotists together with neuro-linguistic programming practitioners are now beginning to accept subliminals identify subliminal messaging as a realistic and powerful kind of self growth, even well known hypnotists like Paul McKenna now produce subliminal upgrades to their hypnotherapy albums.

If perhaps you would like to test subliminal audio yourself then you do not need expensive albums from hypnotists. It's a very simple method of self development. You can can even get started for FREE:

Get your 3 free subliminal downloads as well as a course to help you get the most from subliminal messaging here

Whatever your goal is subliminal messaging can help you - from subliminal learning to reaching success, and a whole lot more, so why not get started today and rewire your mind from the inside - out!


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