Last Night...

I had one of the most awe-inspiring, slightly mysterious experiences ever.

While lying down in bed, I kept catching a peculiar aroma. Normally, this wouldn't be out of the ordinary but this was anything but ordinary.

This aroma was unlike any other aroma I had ever smelled in my entire life. It was sweeter than 1,000 jasmine baths and more sharp than the finest vinegar and lilac mixtures. That's the best way I can describe such an unusual fragrance.

To make things even more mysterious is that there was no apparent origin for this fragrance. Nothing and I mean nothing in my home could have produced this aroma...

But then it dawned on me, there is one thing that could have possibly produced such a transcendental, divine and mysterious aroma....the grail!

This is a sure fire sign that the great work has matured and is close to fruition. If you have embarked upon Herculean labor and "worked without hands" then you should come to the same conclusion as I have...that sweet aeropigment is our reward, short of completion.

I can't go into great detail now but more will be revealed. Until next time...


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