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Creating reality, can you really do it? Of course you can, I know this because you're already doing it. How you ask? Well, you're living what you've been paying attention to. I know it may be a difficult thing to grasp. Think about it; if you have more struggle than ease in your life, you've been putting more attention to thoughts, feelings and looking for the evidence to support the thoughts and feelings that have to do with struggle. Yet, if you pay more attention to ease, everything that has anything to do with the expression of ease is what your attention will draw to you.

The return on the investment of your attention to ease will be greater ease. Over the past 11 years it's been interesting that many have often asked, "I'm not thinking about being sick or being in lack, what do you mean I created this?" Well, if you're fearful about being sick or of going forward in some area of your life or you're paying attention to the absence of what you want, you are placing valuable energy being in the vibration of that very fear. That fear will increase by virtue of your attention activating more of it until you stop feeding it. It only takes little shifts in attention to guide you toward what you really want to begin feeding, what will serve and support a greater reality for you.

Reality (the state of being actual or real) is subjective [taking place within the mind and modified by individual bias]. It is a reality that there are many people who live in poverty and it is a reality that despite economic factors, many people thrive financially. Which is true? Both are true, and everything in between, they are all reality. Creating reality is about attending to preferences that are in alignment with what you desire. You may have heard the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Isn't that what you're doing when you consistently worry and then wonder why you're living what you're worrying about? You create your reality either by unconscious default or by conscious [intentional] choice to where you place your attention. Since your mind cannot hold two thoughts simultaneously, you may as well start choosing the thoughts and feelings that support your wanted reality.

All creation begins at the level of thought and idea. By now you've been observing, to some extent, that what you've living, how you've been thinking and feeling is the magnet that draws to you the physical manifestation of those thoughts and feelings. That energy of the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel have been are your roadmap. With just a few reminders that that by directing your attention, consciously and deliberately, you will know you are in control of your life. Your life is your universe, your world. What you choose to have as part of your world is completely your part, and how it shows up or comes into your physical manifestation is the universe's job. It's a co-creative process.

What you pay attention to grows. Your attention on the absence of what you want, or, the presence of what you have, grows in intensity, it grows in momentum and it grows in density so you draw more of it into your physical experience. To help with expansion, I've created a lexicon, a framework of definitions, to help you with your alchemy (power or process of transmuting) of creating reality. In this series, titled The Alchemy of Creating Reality - A to Z, we will be working with a new alphabet, each letter will be associated with states of being that resonate, or match, the vibration of your desires..

Working with new associations for each letter of the alphabet provides a greater framework with which to create more deliberately. As a discerning, intelligent and very creative adult, wouldn't it be to your advantage to redefine those very basic associations to associations that will help you re-create a life more befitting the life you imagine for yourself? #SecretsToSuccess #TakeActionNowMotivation #TakeAction #Health #Alchemy
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