Lorezo & Althea

Lorenzo: My lady, I have seen and tasted your chaste
Althea: And that is, which you cannot have
Lorenzo: You share no fruits in vain, my love
Althea: I bear no truth in shame, my love
Lorenzo: For what shame is there to come?
Althea: The return for pleasures done
Lorenzo: My dear, you speak as if foreign
Althea: Though I speak in accordance
Lorenzo: Don't hold your tongue
Althea: I have just begun
Lorenzo: The look on your face is new
Althea: Only to the blind you fool
Lorenzo: Your speech has me spooked
Althea: You will do what I wish of you to do
Lorenzo: Do you conspire queen?
Althea: ?
Lorenzo: Then betrayal I must bare
Althea: Your lust has become a snare
Lorenzo: Behold the trap of a shrewd
Althea: A trap first set in the nude
Lorenzo: Must I do your bid?
Althea: If you would like to live
Lorenzo: And what lies before death?
Althea: The king will see his last breath
Lorenzo: What is your bid?
Althea: To see the king no longer live
Lorenzo: You are I'm just as foul as mad
Althea: What choice do you have?
Lorenzo: To vanish out of sight
Althea: They'll find you by night
Lorenzo: Fair well, this is my last lay
Althea: Dig your own grave, my love


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