Argent-vive consisting of azoth and magnesia opens and shuts the doorway to our royal water tinctured.
Continuing from the first part the boiling should not have ceased, not even for a moment unless the matter be flipped on its head and rendered unprofitable.
Neither should your stirring have stopped which should now be increased to 3 times a day until the unctous impalpable powder expands to a pitch black wax like smoke indicating that calcination and
putrefaction, the first two keys consequently the most crucial are almost complete.
For they are the most difficult but when ultimately achieved provide
the biggest sigh of relief to the eager seeker. I personally waited in the wilderness for at least 56 days.

A vibrant luminous display of colors much like those of a peacock's tail lie amongst hidden in the
ferment before all you who persevere because though the work is mere child's play it is also the most difficult
thing in the world. This is the end of the second receipt.


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