[POEM] BURNING MIRROR by Khalil-Ghibran from Meta-Theater

Burning Mirror

Clean your Venetian glass globe,
Make sure to ready to the stopper,
Gather 3-4 ounces of living water,
Gather coals for the stone furnace,
Preheat the furnace for four days,
Take your water and fill the globe half-way,
Seal the top with the stopper,
Place the globe over the glowing coals,
Allow it to sit day and night..

You now have a little world imitating the larger world,
When it rains, clouds and mist will cover your globe,
When it storms, you will see thunder and wind like never before,
When it snows, there will be silence and cold,
When it is time for spring, you will see trees and plants,
When it is time for autumn, all that is mature will fall


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