[POEM] Abraham's Ambrosia by Khalil-Ghibran from Meta-Theater

Abraham's Ambrosia

Abraham's ambrosia
Just a grain's share
Changes wrong to right
And foul to fair

In other words
Find the living fountain
Which springs eternal
From the living mountain

Look and see how
Lazarus was given breath
Or how Madea saved
Jason from certain death

Food for angels
Children of men too
Great, deep elixir
Makes the body anew

All it costs is your time
Never your silver or gold
Do as Moses said
Pull chaos from cold

Baptize the world
By the stone immaculate
Distill and liquefy
Ash and feculence

For all infirmities
A universal remedy
Three is the secret
The holy trinity

The tabernacle's case
Carries the law
Arc and covenant
In the vestibule

Wait for reverent rain
Phantom of the sages
Find the triune treasure
In seven circulations

Our alum is priceless
So is the phlegm
Our white sand
Becomes red gems

Fleece of power
The tincture is our story
The ferment our frame
The robes our glory

Wade the water
Part the acid
And leave behind
The putrefaction


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