[POEM] I Left Something For You by Khalil-Ghibran from After Fire Comes The Rain

Photo Credit: The Bella Rose by Forever Rose

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I Left Something For You

Most know how to boil water over fire,
Some know how to boil fire over water,

Many know how to make lead of gold,
Some know how to draw oil from arsenic,

Some have seen the earth walk and fly,
Few know how to make pearls arise,

Most have seen the heavenly dew fall,
Few know how to make the sky fall,

Few know how to faten water with fire,
Few know how to draw water from fire,

Few have seen the salt on the surface,
Few have seen salt stand in the fire,

Many have seen it by many names,
Few know how long it requires,

Few have used it for miracles,
Many have witnessed these,

Few have finished the great task,
Most will not believe it to be true


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