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Glimpses of Esoteric Christianity Part 7

The exoteric Church teaches that belief in the man Jesus would result in the physical resurrection of their decaying flesh or bones at the day of reckoning. We would all inherit or rather enter into God's kingdom, if we would obey and give credence to the dogmas invented by the priesthood. It is a pity that man would believe in such fanciful ideas, especially when St. Paul himself declares that,

"flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable." (I Cor 15:50)

With the above verse as representative of Truth, one wonders at the firm belief of Tertullian (circa 190 AD), an early church leader, that anyone who denies the resurrection of the flesh is a heretic. Evidently, even in those early days of Christianity, falsehoods and deceptions, which the Christ Master (of whom we should all honour and pay due respect) repudiated and opposed as satanic principles, crept into the portals of the Church. The real secret of resurrect…

Glimpses of Esoteric Christianity Part 6

"Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." (Matt 5:48)

The Nazarene Master uttered the above verse to the masses, who for centuries have overlooked the significance and importance of the mandate. Even the priesthood do not seem to stress this commandment, teaching instead the erroneous concept of the original sinful nature of man, and his redemption by an external saviour. Supposedly we were born in sin, live in sin, and die in sin; and that there is no way that we will be saved from eternal damnation in hell unless we develop a blind faith in the divinity and the sole sonship of God of a certain individual. This belief contradicts various esoteric precepts of Jesus, including the statement in Genesis, that God created man--gods, in fact, according to Psalms--and saw that his creation was good. Why do we see something as bad when God saw it as good? Certainly, we see imperfectly--cause we see only the form, not the spirit.

It is apparent t…

Glimpses of Esoteric Christianity Part 5

The comprehension of Karma as revealed to the masses by Jesus is an improvement of the old interpretation and understanding of the principle of a previous dispensation of "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," as given to the Israelites by Moses. To illustrate this, the law does not cause blindness as a punishment to an individual if he had blinded someone in the past. It does, however, make him aware, in some manner, of the wrongness of his actions--even if it does take blinding him if other means fail to make him realize his error. Should the individual realize his mistake, sincerely repents and compensate, then the lesson would have been learnt; he would be putting new forces into motion which offset the original negative impulse. Karma is not punitive. Negative karma is neutralized to some degree by implementing positive causes--these are the laws of grace and mercy at work. In contrast, even if it happens that balancing of karma should occur, and that the individual…

Glimpses of Esoteric Christianity Part 4

Everything in this universe is in motion. Movement produces change, or transformation. This is an eternal constant, a Law of the Cosmos, and it is immutable. The process of transformation occurs in stages, phases, and cycles. Every unit of life unfolds its consciousness in accord with the Law of Activity and Rest. The cycle of activity begins with birth, youth, maturity; it declines with old age and ends with so-called death, which is the period of Rest. The cycle continues repeatedly until the goal for that life-unit is achieved. Reincarnation is an expression of the Law of Activity and Rest as applied to human evolution. It is what Jewish mystics call "Gilgul," and was a doctrine taught by the Greek Philosophers, Plato, Pythagoras and Plotinus. Most of the holy scriptures of the world contain references to the law, though some are veiled.

Once man found himself entombed within Matter, it became expedient for him to liberate himself. According to our observation, mankind a…

Glimpses of Esoteric Christianity Part 3

Photo Credit: D'Vorah Curtis

There are several versions and interpretations concerning Man's Fall to be found in the Western Tradition.This particular doctrine can be said to be the foundation from which all other doctrines and tenets of esotericism are built upon; for without a "fall," why would there be a "salvation"? Why should there be a striving towards perfection, wholeness and unity? Man in his present state of being finds himself isolated, alone, and fragmented. Man subconsciously feels a certain loss of being, a sense of disorientation towards Life, Nature, and his fellowmen. He seeks, not knowing what he is seeking. He pursues earthly goals, and when attained, it leaves him dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Gradually, the realization dawns upon him that his energies are being misdirected, misspent towards ephemeral goals with no absolute value. He then commences his search and journey towards higher goals and spiritual endeavours.

But how shall one t…

Glimpses of Esoteric Christianity Part 2

He who attunes with the harmony of the Cosmos, with Tao, with the Divine I AM, feeds and expands the flame--like the Colombes tending the sacred fire in Vesta's temple--which results in a greater manifestation of God, the Shekinah, in man's expression in the world of Malkuth--Assiah, God's footstool. Glorified by the divinity of his God-presence, man manifests his full divine potential with the fruits of the Tree of Life in full development with the aspects of will/power, love/wisdom, intelligence/activity in equilibrium and in total unfoldment.

Heaven, or the Kingdom of God, is an inner state, a condition within the consciousness where peace, harmony, bliss, love, compassion, wisdom, and power rules supreme. Divine union with the source of our being effects the transcendence of man's awareness and transports him into the corona of the greater Flame, into the kingdom of Life. This is the unio mystica and the ascension sought by Christian mystics and saints ever since …