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7 Useful Tips To Ghostwrite Books For Clients As A Freelance Writer

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Serious freelance writers know their income may come from other sources, not just writing articles for magazines or clients. Ultimately, their freelance writing leads to writing books or e-books for themselves or as ghostwrites. If you decide to ghostwrite e-books and trade paperbacks for clients, consider the following:

If a client hires you as a "work-for-hire" ghostwriter, then the client pays you for your work, and he owns all rights. Make sure: 1) You receive a 50% retainer before you begin the work; and 2) You receive the balance at or right before delivery. That's it. If the book turns out to be a great success, great! That's wonderful! You should be extremely proud -- but from a distance! To be a successful ghostwriter, you must enjoy your glory as a ghostwriter in the shadows. Many ghostwriters prefer it that way.

I know a great speaker in the industry who commands $10,000 or more per speaking engagement. He is phenomenal to listen…

Are You The Next JK Rowling?

Harry Potter. The name brings instant recognition from people all over the world. The books have sold over 350 million copies worldwide. Only the bible has more translations. The movies have gone on to grace the lists of the Top 10 grossing films of all time.

When Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published in 1997, Joanne Kathleen Rowling was a previously unpublished author. She had no publishing credits, no insider knowledge, no friends in the industry.

So how did she do it? How did she go on, in the space of ten short years, to become the first billionaire author on the planet?

The answer to that question lies not in what she did in those ten years between the publication of the first book and the publication of the seventh, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The answer actually lies in what she did in the seven years prior to the first book’s publication.

So if you’re an author who is yet to be published, you’re actually in the best possible position. Because it’s i…

[POEM] Poverty Triumphantly Put To Flight by Khalil-Ghibran

" Fire must not be excited by the blast
Not melting but only a calcining mass

Melt the crude to a glass with patience
Gold calc opened for further operation

The process of Myriam the prophetess
Be employed in labors of great consequence

Like Myriam's expression to Aros
Of dead ends therefore be careful

Darkness laid for noonday bright
Poverty triumphantly put to flight"

Above All Days coming in the year 2020

[POEM] An Earthly Calx Good and Pure by Khalil-Ghibran

" Meadows of large studded hills
Appear among Elysian fields

Slopes of fringed laurels draped
Above clad olive escapes

Plains covered with groves
Overhung hiding the roads

Lush branches afford shade
By faintest smell of sage

It can be increased first to ten
Then to a hundred and so again

In this place take for sure
An earthly calc good and pure"

[POEM] First Solution of The Gross Body by Khalil-Ghibran

" First take three parts antimony
Which will make two parts gum
After it be well dissolved
Should be the finest allum

Take five more parts twice distilled
Again add the weight of gum
Dissolve each pound thereof
Until well molten to the bottom

Dissolution in a fit glass vessel
Stir it about with a clean stick
Then filter over the said liquors
For that is superfluous filth

First solution of the gross body
Which keep closed and covered
And cast away the rank
For it enters not into the work"

[POEM] Virtue Rarely Finds An Heir by Khalil-Ghibran

"Life and essence of man
Is no way fit to know or plan
But approach perfection's best
With water toward the west
The heavens open to say
Creatures by cause led astray
Virtue rarely finds an heir
Made through work and ware
Extract of tears will yield
And grow up tall in the field
An essence not to be found
Neither here nor around"

Above All Days coming in the year 2020
Grab After Fire Comes The Rain for more.

[POEM] Have You Beheld A Flame That Springs? by Khalil-Ghibran

"They that know these three
That differ not in substance perfectly

Which came from earth to earth returns
High heaven's resplendent portions burn

Where from flow ambrosial streams
Pouring into the land of richer things

You must pardon strange expressions
Sweet and decadent confessions

Have you beheld a flame that springs
Greatest of most scarce discoveries

Believe water can be made of stone
Upon virgin gestures of the unknown"

-Above All Days coming in the year 2020

[POEM] On Pregnant Water Indeed by Khalil-Ghibran

Let it fly, let it fly
Take the earth
For what it's worth

Let it fly, let it fly
That which is free
Is all you need

Let it fly, let it fly
Perform in our fashion
Put fire to ashes

Let it fly, let it fly
Let the hungry air feed
On Pregnant water indeed

-Above All Days coming in the year 2020

[POEM] Now Works Wonders by Khalil-Ghibran

Words beget little
Without a subtle flair
What lies beneath
I cannot share

But be assured
Anyone can see
What washes up
Becomes the key

Keep what you can
And keep it away
Let it alone
Until one day

What was wretched
Now works wonders
Gives one power
Takes one under

-Above All Days coming in the year 2020

[POEM] Flourished As Of Late by Khalil-Ghibran

Tessio readied his spear
To cut his crop clear

By tending his land
He gains the upper hand

That precious treasure
Heavy as a feather

Falls from atop branches
Such a fine advantage

Prize of patience
Of many days taken

They call Tessio the great
He has flourished as of late

-Above All Days coming in the year 2020

[POEM] Joy Without a Mortal Care As If Young by Khalil-Ghibran

"We can kiss the sun as the stars disappear
Write things that go beyond our years

See things beyond what is seen
Walk in and out of another's dream

Like what is later to come
Will be as if already done

To tame and calm the beast of burden
A luxurious power so certain

By a drop of the world on the tongue
Joy without a mortal care as if young"

-Above All Days coming in the year 2020

[POEM] Forever It Lasts by Khalil-Ghibran

"Who can subdue reality
With divine vitality

Remain and restore order
Drive the wicked to corners

Who can lay waste to the land
Transfigure water into sand

Take one part earth
With water and the work

Who can take the flame
Drown it with rain

Draw a worthy bath
Forever it lasts"

-Above All Days coming in the year 2020

[REVIEW] After Fire Comes The Rain by Khalil-Ghibran

By  A. G. MooreJuly 13, 2016
"It is inescapable that writers and composers borrow from each other, consciously or unconsciously. This is true not only because there is a finite number of words and musical notes, but also because we are all vessels of a shared culture. In After the Fire Comes the Rain, Khalil-Ghibran dips so liberally into the common well that sounding familiar sometimes seems to be his objective.

Examples of the borrowed, or familiar, may be found on virtually every page. The title of this poetry collection is taken from Tupac Shakur’s song, Untouchable: “After the fire comes the rain, After the pleasure there’s pain”. Then there’s Mr. Ghibran’s name, with a slightly altered spelling, which is the same as that of the renowned poet, Khalil Gibran. There are more, many more citable instances. For example, Mr. Ghibran’s “I Envy the Dead” mirrors a line from Ecclesiastes: “I envy those who are dead and gone…”

Mr. Ghibran does not suffer from a lack of originality. On th…

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Book Endorsements

Endorsements, sometimes called "Blurbs," are wonderful and often witty comments about your book provided by respected authors, journalists, entertainers, and industry experts connected to your topic.

They're also one of the strongest sales tools an author has in their book sales toolbox. These short quotes should be gathered both before and after your book is published.

Once you've gathered your endorsements what do you do with them?  Here's a list of ten ways to get the most out of your well earned endorsements:
1.  Book Cover.  Readers respect the opinion of others, especially respected authors and industry experts.  Endorsements gathered before production should be included on your book cover.  In addition to placing your blurbs on the back cover, a great, short endorsement on the front will increase your sales.

2.  Inside Your Book.  Place pre-publication endorsements on a page or two just inside the front cover of your book.  If you don't have pre-publ…

Is There Hope for Authors Who Want to Sell More Books?

The Authors Guild blames a decline in writers' income on a combination of factors: online piracy of digital material, consolidation within the publishing industry, the dominance of Amazon and the rise of self-publishing which has cut into the market ... #selfpublishingamazon

How a Self-Published author sold 10,000 books

Amazon author and book pages: I could get very detailed, but here's the quick rundown: If you self-publish on Amazon, use every space they give you. Don't leave things blank. Put plenty of key phrases in your book description and keywords list on your ... #selfpublishingamazon